yu•mi is not a smoothie nor is it frozen yogurt


We have lots of people that think yu•mi is a smoothie or frozen yogurt.

So the question is: what is yu•mi? The answer: It is a special blend of whole fruit and a special plant based protein put together in a way that comes out super thick (fabulous texture, in fact) and you eat it with a spoon; BUT there is no dairy, no wheat, it’s gluten-free, no soy and no added sugar. Why? Because these ingredients are often hard to digest and cause inflammation. We have found that by providing a delicious and nutrition product like our berry berry yu•mi (coming in at around 180 calories), you can gain so many benefits whether a meal, snack or dessert and feel great about it (literally).

Check out this article. It is one of many reasons that we suggest you pay attention to labels and don’t let marketing get the best of you and your kids.

One of our awesome customers and a pro-athlete recently told us why she loved yu•mi: “It definitely tastes great and makes you feel good, but what I love is that I feel satiated.”  This is music to our ears.

And, this why it can be a meal– you get the balanced nutrition but it also gives you what you need to feel full, verses feeling yucky like some others products out there due to too much sugar or oversized portions.


Oh, and one more thing you should know: 98% of children (even babies) that try it like it. Just check out our Facebook page and see for yourself.