Giraffe’s Don’t Hound The Goats For A Sip Of Milk

You have to check out this article. “Consuming cow milk is highly unnatural; there is no animal in nature (other than humans) that drinks the milk of another species naturally. Giraffes don’t hound lactating goats for a sip of milk, and horses don’t run to nurse on pigs’ teats; the mere thought seems ludicrous.”

Part of our studies have included an experiments on ourselves. Though many of us excluded dairy from our diets a long time ago, the realization of the benefits started with our own experiment: we excluded it for 3 days and just to see how we felt. It changed our lives.

We understand how you can think that foods don’t bother you– maybe you think you have never had a problem before so why change, but you really don’t know until you eliminate it. You need something to compare. We even went further by eliminating wheat and gluten, soy and sugar. The difference was huge.

Much or our behavior stems from how we were raised. And that makes it hard because it is something we have done since we were infants. It is important to have an open mind and give new behaviors a chance. It doesn’t mean that you cannot have delicious foods; quite the opposite. Our food choices are filled with the best flavors (just like our berry butter berry!)