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A Family Movement

Happy New Year! Check out this article about a family making healthy eating choices. I love seeing the healthy lifestyle movement grow to families. Inspiring and shows that you can do it too

Giraffe’s Don’t Hound The Goats For A Sip Of Milk

You have to check out this article. “Consuming cow milk is highly unnatural; there is no animal in nature (other than humans) that drinks the milk of another species naturally. Giraffes don’t hound lactating goats for a sip of milk, and horses don’t run to nurse on pigs’ teats; the mere thought seems ludicrous.” Part… Read more »

Why Eat yu•mi Daily?

We know it isn’t easy- at first…but this article provides a clear understanding of why it is important to make wise food choices. It notes that our food is either our medicine or our poison. This is so true. We launched yu•mi because of what we have learned through years of studies about food and an… Read more »

How To Read Labels: It Just Takes A Little Practice

Great article by Runner’s World Mag. Once you spend a little time learning how to do this, it gets easy. In fact, it will become a natural state of mind fairly quickly. You will notice the poor choices and will remember that those poor choices do not make you feel good. Then, you end up going for… Read more »

Love for Carytown Bicycle

We are so in love with Carytown Bicycle in Richmond, Virginia. We are having so much fun serving yu•mi. Please come by. It is a fun and relaxing atmosphere. And who knows…perhaps you can pick up a bike while you are there! Open daily Monday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 1-4.