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Eat Your Bananas

Great article about why bananas are good for you and a few other awesome things a banana can do for you. Did you know you can shine your shoe with the banana peel?    

Why Eat yu•mi Daily?

We know it isn’t easy- at first…but this article provides a clear understanding of why it is important to make wise food choices. It notes that our food is either our medicine or our poison. This is so true. We launched yu•mi because of what we have learned through years of studies about food and an… Read more »

The yu•mi Challenge

We have done alot of research. All of our choices have to do with what we feel and think, through our research and experiments, are best. Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know. We are here to make it easy- but with a challenge. The Challenge: For 3 days, eliminate all forms of dairy… Read more »

Protein Goodness

Hemp is one of the ingredients in our protein. Here is a great article about hemp and it’s benefits.