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Bring 3 Get A yu•mi For Free

Where can you get your yu•mi this week? INSIDE the fabulous Carytown Bicycle (3112 W. Cary Street): 10-3 on Saturday and 1-4 on Sunday. If you bring 3 friends that purchase a yu•mi and like us on Facebook, you get yours FREE.

Invitation to Our Launch!

INVITATION FOR YOU! We want to invite you, your friends and family to experience yu•mi May 4th (anytime between 9am-2pm) Ellwood Thompson’s 4 N. Thompson St., Richmond VA 23221 Learn more here:   Download and print your invitation here


Welcome to the yu mi blog. We are so excited about launching yu mi and are thankful for all of the support! Please check back for details and more about why we love yu mi.