Giraffe’s Don’t Hound The Goats For A Sip Of Milk

You have to check out this article. “Consuming cow milk is highly unnatural; there is no animal in nature (other than humans) that drinks the milk of another species naturally. Giraffes don’t hound lactating goats for a sip of milk, and horses don’t run to nurse on pigs’ teats; the mere thought seems ludicrous.”

Part of our studies have included an experiments on ourselves. Though many of us excluded dairy from our diets a long time ago, the realization of the benefits started with our own experiment: we excluded it for 3 days and just to see how we felt. It changed our lives.

We understand how you can think that foods don’t bother you– maybe you think you have never had a problem before so why change, but you really don’t know until you eliminate it. You need something to compare. We even went further by eliminating wheat and gluten, soy and sugar. The difference was huge.

Much or our behavior stems from how we were raised. And that makes it hard because it is something we have done since we were infants. It is important to have an open mind and give new behaviors a chance. It doesn’t mean that you cannot have delicious foods; quite the opposite. Our food choices are filled with the best flavors (just like our berry butter berry!)

There Are Alternatives (of course, the best being yu•mi)

Choice: It is the word on the street and what is good about that? It means better food choices are becoming more easily available. Check out this quick glimpse at some ideas. But remember, you still need to read the label. There are things that are def better than the other; yet often, marketing is still hovering waiting to catch it’s next victim. Be smart about your food choices and don’t believe everything. Take a moment to double-check.

Do You Really Want To Have GM Foods In Your Body (or the body of your children?)

How is it that we know these things happen to our food, yet we consume these products anyway? Maybe one of the biggest problems is that the good stuff is not always easily available- the bad stuff is. So we grab the bad stuff because it takes less time and we don’t have to think about it.

GMO monsanto corn

(photo by By Jonathan Benson (NaturalNews); Food Matters)

“At least 90 percent of the sugar beet crop grown in the U.S. is of GM origin, which means if any food product contains “sugar” or some other sugar derivative like glucose or sucrose, it is more than likely a GMO.” FOOD MATTERS shared this useful article clearly explaining things to avoid. While it makes sense that this cannot be done overnight, gaining an understanding and taking steps in the right direction can impact your life, and your family, greatly. It just takes practice.

Why is it so hard? Understandable, sort of; especially since we have grown up eating this way and we often fall prey to marketing. For example, just because it is a smoothie or the word “natural” is on the label, that does not mean it is healthy. But thinking about what we consume is probably pretty important.

If you knew that by consuming pure food (defined as food in it’s original state; untouched or not modified by humans) you could possibly stop taking that pill your doctor has prescribed or perhaps you would feel more energetic, would you take the time to think about it? If you knew that eating real food could help your metabolism stabilize and maybe give you your desired weight, would you do it?

While we do not make claims for your speciific health and we always reccomend you consult your doctor, our suggestion is pretty basic: EAT REAL FOOD.

Eat Your Bananas


Great article about why bananas are good for you and a few other awesome things a banana can do for you.

Did you know you can shine your shoe with the banana peel?



yu•mi is not a smoothie nor is it frozen yogurt


We have lots of people that think yu•mi is a smoothie or frozen yogurt.

So the question is: what is yu•mi? The answer: It is a special blend of whole fruit and a special plant based protein put together in a way that comes out super thick (fabulous texture, in fact) and you eat it with a spoon; BUT there is no dairy, no wheat, it’s gluten-free, no soy and no added sugar. Why? Because these ingredients are often hard to digest and cause inflammation. We have found that by providing a delicious and nutrition product like our berry berry yu•mi (coming in at around 180 calories), you can gain so many benefits whether a meal, snack or dessert and feel great about it (literally).

Check out this article. It is one of many reasons that we suggest you pay attention to labels and don’t let marketing get the best of you and your kids.

One of our awesome customers and a pro-athlete recently told us why she loved yu•mi: “It definitely tastes great and makes you feel good, but what I love is that I feel satiated.”  This is music to our ears.

And, this why it can be a meal– you get the balanced nutrition but it also gives you what you need to feel full, verses feeling yucky like some others products out there due to too much sugar or oversized portions.


Oh, and one more thing you should know: 98% of children (even babies) that try it like it. Just check out our Facebook page and see for yourself.

Why Eat yu•mi Daily?


We know it isn’t easy- at first…but this article provides a clear understanding of why it is important to make wise food choices. It notes that our food is either our medicine or our poison. This is so true. We launched yu•mi because of what we have learned through years of studies about food and an overall wellness lifestyle. The foods we choose to eat are incredibly delicious and the best part: they make us feel so good because these foods are filled with nothing but nutrients. Yes- you can get pure, straight up nutrition from the most delicious foods.

How? Like the article says- cook at home (where you can control what goes into the food), or eat fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables – better yet, let us make a yu•mi for you. Meal. Snack. Dessert. YOU DECIDE.