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The yu•mi Challenge

We have done alot of research. All of our choices have to do with what we feel and think, through our research and experiments, are best. Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know. We are here to make it easy- but with a challenge. The Challenge: For 3 days, eliminate all forms of dairy… Read more »

How To Read Labels: It Just Takes A Little Practice

Great article by Runner’s World Mag. Once you spend a little time learning how to do this, it gets easy. In fact, it will become a natural state of mind fairly quickly. You will notice the poor choices and will remember that those poor choices do not make you feel good. Then, you end up going for… Read more »

Love for Carytown Bicycle

We are so in love with Carytown Bicycle in Richmond, Virginia. We are having so much fun serving yu•mi. Please come by. It is a fun and relaxing atmosphere. And who knows…perhaps you can pick up a bike while you are there! Open daily Monday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 1-4.

Protein Goodness

Hemp is one of the ingredients in our protein. Here is a great article about hemp and it’s benefits.

What is yu•mi?

What is yu•mi? It is NOT frozen yogurt. It is NOT ice cream. It is NOT a smoothie. You EAT IT with a spoon. yu•mi (pronounced you me) is barista-style frozen treat that not only tastes good, but is filled with good ingredients that make you feel good while you eat it (and after). Dairy… Read more »

Thank You Pro-Athlete Lesley Paterson

So grateful to meet Lesley Paterson and Kate Lucas. They are in town to compete in the Xterra races this weekend and have been wonderful house guests. It works especially well when the three of us eat, think and train in similar ways  (ok- Lesley is pro…but Kate and I get in a good bit… Read more »

Bring 3 Get A yu•mi For Free

Where can you get your yu•mi this week? INSIDE the fabulous Carytown Bicycle (3112 W. Cary Street): 10-3 on Saturday and 1-4 on Sunday. If you bring 3 friends that purchase a yu•mi and like us on Facebook, you get yours FREE.

The yu•mi Crew Shots

Love,  love, love the yu•mi crew…I mean, these guys are so hip and such a breath of fresh air. And when your crew wants more yu•mi, you know it’s good. Oh yeah…good ingredients, good taste, good feeling, that’s it.